Collaboration with Hospital Authority

on 14 February 2012.

we are now collaborated with Hospital Authority's selected speciality out patient departments including plastic, orthopaedics, surgery and burn units. tuen mun hospital

New Color Available

New color lines from Coverderm Concealer and Dermacolor's Mini-Palettes are now officially available


Graphics Available

Demonstration video from Coverderm and graphics material by lycohealth is now officially available for use by retailres of Lycoheath Products.

Videos available from Coverderm for application of Perfect Face and Perfect Legs..

Graphics available for demonstration purpose on leaflets and websites for retailers..


Coverderm Concealer

The bestselling camouflage stick Concealer is now available from Lycohealth.

Using camouflage cream technology in a stick form, not only is it ideal for spot replacement during travel, it is ideal to cover efficiently any dark eye circles.