Powder Brush

Lycohealth powder brushes are made with a higher density of synethetic fibers, providing a more even application whether it is to apply or to knock off excesses. The brush head is designed with a 4cm diameter arc, increasing powder adhesion and reduce uneven distribution of powder. Oak handle is bevel shaped, thickness is suitable for holding in the middle or holding at the end, improving flexibility.  powder brush rs
  • Easy to clean, discourage bacterial growth
  • Higher density and number of fibers, suitable for high pigment makeup
  • Stronger powder retaining property, excesses wont drop off easily on clothes during use

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Name: Powder Brush
Material: Synthetic Fiber
Type: Loose Powder, Compact Powders
Handle Material: Oak Wood
Usage: Full face or body, for an outstanding finish
Common Skin Conditions Used: All skin conditions requiring a more natural finishing look

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