edical grade temporary silicone skin filler that can instantly fill up any scar and permanent lines. Dermaflage is waterproof and hides recessed scars and lines for up to 36 hours.

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Concealer Brush

High quality fiber brush head with extra-density suitable for medical camouflage use on diverse purposes. Extra resilience / elastic property of the 0.8x1.3cm hair tip means perfect coverage near eye corners or any folded/wrinkled areas. The tip is especially planed down in one axis, proven to create a more spot on and natural effect. Oak handle with optimal widening design in the middle allowing accurate control of strength and direction. concealer brush rs 
  • Evenly apply concealers
  • For spots, blemishes and hyperpigmentation
  • Can be used as a touchup fluffy blush for small area final blending
  • Longer lasting concealer effect
  • Synethetic brush does not absorb as much product, giving more to the skin
  • Good for uneven surfaces or various size pores
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Name: Concealer Brush
Material: Synthetic Fiber
Type: Foundation or Concealer class products
Handle Material: Oak Wood
Usage: Face and small blemishes on body
Common Skin Conditions Used: Acne Spots
Dark Eye Circles
Small Blemishes

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