About Camouflage


Commonest Colors

Commonest color used:

coverderm commonest dermacolor other commonest
dermacolorC commonest


Common Skin Problems

The commonest skin problems we cover with:

vitiligo before2 Acne2 dark eye circles before2 birthmark2 freckles2 leg veins2
Vitiligo Acne scars Dark eye circles Birth marks Freckle Leg spider veins

Other common use:

skintone2   pore2
Skin tone correction small pore cover


Fixing Spray

product fixingspray Fixing spray convenient spray to enhance camouflage cosmetics' water resistance and extra longer lasting effect. Good for high volume sweat patients.


Mini palette makeup artists

dermacolor 16c palette p Popular with makeup artists, first time users’ color testing, and hiding tattoos.

Best Seller

NR3 mini medium mini

Dermacolor Colors

Camouflage Creme - 69 Colors
Everyday Camouflage Use

Camouflage Sets - 4x3 Colors
Common colors in compact sets

Coverstick - 56 Colors
Stick form for convenience and Dark Eye Circles

Skin Plastic - 3 Colors
Fillers to even skin such as burn skin

Dermacolor Fixing Powder - 12 Colors
Final fixing for texture improvement

Mini-Palettes - 16x6 Colors
Multi-color mini-palettes for professionals

Dermaflage Colors

Most recommended colors in Asia
- Golden Fair
- Fair
- Light
- Medium

Coverderm Colors

Classic - 9 Colors
Everyday Camouflage Use

Perfect Face
Perfect Legs - 9 Colors
Creamy, easy and quick application for face and body

Concealer - 6 Colors
Stick form for convenience and Dark Eye Circles

Compact Powder - 4 Colors
Travel packs for quick touchup

Finishing Powder - Uncolored

Uncolored finishing for final texture improvement


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